Alright, now that’s a post title! Challenging yourself to listen to and cover new genres is one of the most important things you can do to keep things fresh as a journalist, I find. In 2014, I did it with black metal and have never looked back since. Now, I’m starting to do it with punk, post-punk, and other related genres. So when Hot Nuns landed in my inbox, a duo with ties to blog favorites Blood Command, I saw an opportunity to try my hand at something different. Once I hit play, I knew I had made the right decision; the duos upcoming release, Rude, Dumb & Anxious, is power punk goodness, full of blazing riffs, vocal harmonies, and just a whole load of fun. Head on down below to check out the album’s opener, “Can’t Get Over You”!


Can I get a “hell yeah”? First off, I love how loud the bass is on this track and, indeed, the entire album. It just gives off this irresistible kind of swagger which works really well with the angst exuding from the track’s first moments. The drums work really well with the bass as well, punching out the kind of rhythm that has made punk go for decades now. Add in the vocals, whether the more snappy main vocals or the melodic backing melodies, and you have yourself one catchy track (especially that chorus, holy hell those backing vocals have just been stuck in my head for days).

The track also does a great job of laying the ground for the rest of the album. There are a few heavier tracks on it, adding more emphasis to the already prominent bass and just letting the handle fly. Overall, it’s a romp and a half, a well made, performed, and thought out power punk release that’s sure to set fans of the genre to bopping. So get on it! Head on over to Hot Nuns’ Bandcamp, where you can listen to the rest of the album and pre-order it before it drops this Friday.