It’s that time again folks, time to recommend an amazing post-rock band from Australia! Now, I was going to wait with this post for our main Post Rock Post for January but I’ve decided to not that simply because I cannot stop listening to this album and wouldn’t want to deprive you guys of it any longer (I’m just great like that). VOLNA make my favorite type of post-rock; energetic, wonder-filled, high pace stuff that focuses on impact and evocative tones rather than a languishing kind of atmosphere. For DRMWLKR, their latest EP, the band channeled plenty of sleepmakeswaves influence to create one hell of an engaging album (also, check out those amazing track names). Let’s head on down for your first taste and chat a bit later!


God I love this track so much. It’s the last one on the release but captures so much of what makes it great: those faintly singing guitar lines which repeat through it; the way they blend with the chunkier main riffs; the snappy drums and generous cymbals; the whole structure of the track and the way it builds up without giving too much away. Everything just comes together, title of the track included, to make your heart just a few sizes larger, bright, sharp air entering your lungs as the electronics in the middle of the track paint a beautiful aural picture in your mind. The rest of the album is filled with just this kind of moments, gentleness and grandiose melding in that way that only great post-rock can achieve. By the time that backing guitar lines spools out at the end of the track, its outlines traced by so many effects, noises, and instruments, you should be tearing up with happiness as the samples of clear water and nature send the album off.

Digging into the band’s back catalog (which includes two more releases) will yield much of the same, greatness in equal measure. This little EP is their finest work yet however, slowly asserting itself as one of the sleeper hits of 2019’s dog-days. Make sure you head on over to the project’s Bandcamp above and purchase the album; they deserve your support!

See you next year.