Two years or so ago (and then one year after that), we brought a certain Norwegian group called Grant the Sun to your attention. Channeling the heavy waves between post-metal, stoner, and post-rock, Grant the Sun manufacture a riff-heavy, fuzz-laden, kick ass sort of music. Not only that, but the group sports a connection with Beaten to Death, one of our favorite grind bands ever. Now, the riff masters are back with another EP, Sur Jupiter, coming up December 20th. Not only that, but it appears that for this next excursion into trippy outer space they have recruited none other than Meshuggah‘s Fredrik Thordendal to play the bass. The result is a monstrously large, freaky, and bewildering sound, etching deep the galactic corridors between the stars. We’re ecstatic to premiere “Tempête d’astéroïdes”, the first single from this EP, right here so scroll on down below for your first taste!

This track, as the kids say, slaps. The progressive tendencies that were already nascent in the band seem to have been turned up even higher, creating the kind of math-y, drunken, and brain-bludgeoning progressions that Thordendal has been comfortable with for decades now. The bass works beautifully with these ideas, fleshing out the bottom of the sound for the electric guitar assault which lives above it and keeps the track moving forward. Add in a liberal use of cymbals, crashes, and snare and you’ve got yourself one aggressive track, certain to set fans of Intronaut to smiles. By the time that big riff hits near the end of this short track, capitalizing on the agile beginnings of the track, you’re hooked all the way in as the final sounds leave you with a taste for more.

As mentioned above, Sur Jupiter releases on the 20th of December via Mas-Kina Recordings. You can follow Grant the Sun on Facebook and Bandcamp for more as we near the release date. Make sure not to sleep on this one; it releases near the end of the year but it’s sure to have much on it to send off 2019 proper like.