Another day, another progressive stoner band! But these guys aren’t your run of the mill, space obsessed occult weirdos. No, instead, these guys (Grant the Sun, that is) are members of bands like Insense and the grindcore act Beaten to Death and their less than standard pedigree shines through and the newest track from their upcoming debut EP, “Økologisk Rave”. The track is a weird jaunt between stoner tinged riffs, Meshuggah like chugging and soloing and an overall sense of technicality melded with aggression. Over all of that plays an ecological theme that’s hard to deny, lending the track a message and purpose. Head on over below for the new track and let’s meet up later to discuss.

Right? There’s something seriously captivating about the instrumentation on this track. It weaves effortlessly between the more technical, math-y stuff and the stoner influences. The end result dispels much of the repetition that is the bane of both genres, creating a sound that keeps you on your toes as it meanders along its way. Drummer Håvard Sveberg sheds some light on the events which led to the conception of such a unique sound:

“The very existence of this band started with this song. Martin sent me thirty something riffs, and at the same time dreamt a strange dream where we went to an ecological rave festival. Really? Yes. And supposedly a great festival by the way. Both the riffs and the dream/nightmare merged into what became Grant The Sun’s very first song. I think we all felt that “This is the kind of music we want to make in this band” and we also felt that we found that classic metal vibe we longed for. Økologisk Rave is probably the most heavy song we have made, and probably will ever make. Unless Martin has another dream that needs a heavy contribution.”

Call me if you ever find that festival, OK? Sounds like a great time. In the meantime, blast Økologisk Rave loud and dive into its many layered maw.


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