Another day, another excellent find in the treasure troves that is Small Stone Recordings backlog. This time, I stumbled upon Genova’s Isaak based on the artwork for their 2015 release, Sermonize. By the time I hit the third track, “Fountainhead”, I was certain that this was the Torche/Lo-pan like stoner metal that I had been craving since both of those released their latest album, albums which had burned a hole in my rotation ever since. Isaak utilize the same kind of thick tone, groove, and pop-y vibe to their stoner rock that’s so satisfying in bands of their style. Now, almost a week later, I have spun Sermonize numerous times, glorying in the haze of riffs that it represents. Head on down below for your first taste!


Can I get a “hell yeah”? “Almonds & Glasses” capitalizes on the groove of the previous track by introducing a fair deal of atmospheric melody into the mix. Mostly instrumental, although vocals figure here and there in the track, “Almonds & Glasses” showcases the thick groove section that makes Isaak tick. Those riffs just pummel you again and again but the inherent momentum of it all makes sure to keep things fresh and engaging. The result is that sweet high that great stoner rock brings, combining heaviness with danceability and rich tones.

Bottom line, Isaak is yet another great band in the Small Stone roster and one which I hope is not dead (given that their latest release was four years ago). Hopefully we’ll hear more from these riff-mongers soon because Sermonize is just too damn good. Oh, one last thing: how sick is that cover art, right? Tattoo material for sure. Good talk!