Not just one. Not even two. Three! Three brand new microdoses of pissed off, cathartic grinding from mainland Europe. Like an edgy cocktail of swirling football violence and brutalist poetry, we have a track from each band from this upcoming three-way split. Poland’s Psychoneurosis, Herida Profunda, and the Dutch savages from Suffering Quota all contribute their own take on the fastest, nastiest genre of extreme music; covering powerviolence, mince, deathgrind, and typically ‘core grind too, there’s a little bit for everyone. If everyone likes to grind. Which they do. Everyone. Always.

Over eight tracks (four provided by Herida Profunda), the upcoming split is a huge collaborative effort. Not just through the three bands, but through the hefty list of interested parties helping to release it around the world. It’s a big list seriously. But anyway, on with the show.

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The Psychoneurosis track we have today is a previously unreleased skin-melter – it’s like punk but, you know, better. It exists on this split alongside the band covering grind legends Extreme Noise Terror‘s “Believe What I Say”, but I daresay their original piece is much more satisfying. It still has the same gnarled edges as an ENT track, but when the second guitar kicks in to play an (almost) harmony, it beefs past the old cronies in a serious fashion.

Now, don’t be put off by the apparent drop in production values with “Power To The People”, from Herida Profunda. Three of the more-DIY-than-your-dad-in-Levi’s-and-a-tool-belt tracks from their side of the split were recorded live at 161 Fest in the band’s native Poland. It sounds fucking great, considering the questionable quality of similar style recordings. Unlike their countrymen, their black-tinged blasting remains pretty steady, with a way deeper vocal. It’s great to hear two bands of a similar ilk, from the same country, sounding so different.

Lastly, but most certainly not leastly (it’s a grind word, trust me), Groningen’s Suffering Quota impressed a BUNCH of folks with their recent release Life In Disgust. Their other track on this split “Rage” is an alternative presentation of “Anger” from said album, but the cut we have for you today is a different sweaty beast entirely. It’s still pretty raging and angry though. “Bastardized Yesterday” takes a little while to get to the razor-edged blasting, but the dark and sleazy chords that precede it are a great little introduction into the dingy world of the Dutch band. Great shit.

Make sure you follow Psychoneurosis, Herida Profunda, and Suffering Quota. Here’s the list of involved parties. I told you it was big.

Single-sided 12” vinyl with B side etched. Regular black and limited transparent /clear release by:
783punx – UK
7Degrees Records – Germany
EatShitBuyDie Records – Netherlands
Ancient Temple Recordings – Canada
Black Omega Recordings – Germany
No Humano Records – Spain
MINOR-obscuR – Germany
Stradoom – Poland

Cassette tape for Europe:
783punx – UK
Let The Bastards Grind – UK

Cassette tape for USA:
No Time records

CD release by:
Coyote Records – Russia