Don’t you just love it when band names are self-descriptive? The Crooked Fiddle Band sounds just like it’s called; at its center is a really off-kilter and unhinged approach to strings, injecting their music with a sense of wildness that’s hard to resist. Around those carefree strings are built a string (get it) of influences that range from noise rock to metal, folk, and pop. Their latest release, the aptly named Another Subtle Atom Bomb uses this melange of styles to take on climate change, presenting an angry and mournful outlook on the future. Describing the band’s music is really hard so perhaps head on down below to check out “Kings of the Mud” and we’ll chat after.


Uh, yeah. I think it’s safe to say there isn’t a whole lot that sounds like this. From the get-go this track is just brimming with octane, from the percussive strumming of the strings to the shouted, rage-fueled vocals. The track weaves between crashing chords, deep drum fills, and high energy to the more folk oriented bridges with a bewildering pace. That’s probably not an accident; the whole point is for the track, and indeed, the album to leave you gasping for breath and off your balance. That’s why the next track, “Song of the Sandgrinder”, is nothing like that, taking a more contemplative and meditative approach to the elements which up The Crooked Fiddle Band.

There’s a lot more waiting beneath the surface of this album for you to dig into. It’s one of the most uncompromising release I’ve heard in a while; it has its own unique flavor and theme and by god it’s going to hit you over the head with it until you see the world like the band. It doesn’t hurt that the music itself is excellent, showcasing the intricate and progressive style of composition that has shined through on other releases from the band’s discography. But on Another Subtle Atom Bomb, as never before, The Crooked Fiddle Band take those compositions to new heights of expression and energy, serving up a hot dose of non-conventional riffs, chords, and progressions. Just…just listen to this album, OK? I could write a thousand words more and not do it justice.

P.S – of course these guys are from Australia, yeah?