A while ago, we premiered “We Align” by Greek we.own.the.sky. The track’s thick sound, coupled with the dream-like quality of post-rock which I love so much, instantly grabbed my attention and put the band on my map. That’s why I’m super proud to be premiering their full album, Home, just one day prior to its full release tomorrow. If you loved “We Align”, or if you love the kind of large post-rock espoused by bands like Heron or sleepmakeswaves, then you’re going to love Home in all its delayed, scintillating, expressive glory. On the full album, the heavier moments explored on the single get a bit more attention, coupled with more of the heart-racing agility we’ve come to expect from the band. Head on down below to hear the full thing for yourself!

There are lots of amazing tracks on this album but I’d like to especially call out my favorite, “Of New Beginnings”. It has those heavier moments I mentioned above, where the riff almost dips into post-metal territory and then soars right back up into a mournful dirge overlaid on top of some amazing drums. I can’t stress how good the drums are on this track (and, indeed, on the album as a whole); they work so well with the bass to create the track’s groove, a firm base on which the guitars can explore their ideas and drive home the emotional theme of the track. The little cymbal builds-up, the big crescendos, the way the bass emphasizes the track as it hits home, all of these make “Of New Beginnings” just an excellent, excellent track.

And, as I said above, the album has plenty more of these bangers. It releases tomorrow, November 1st, and you can head on right here to pre-order it (or buy it tomorrow) as you damn well should.