I often think about how we’re always talking about serious music on Heavy Blog Is Heavy. You want to take metal seriously, but I think we frequently forget that metal is music and music can often just be fun. Anyone who follows my writing on this blog knows of my love for crossover party timers Municipal Waste, but my taste for fun metal music extends far beyond just crossover. I’ve found a new love in This Summer Is Going to Kill You. Take a listen!

Honestly, what do you not like about that? From the album art to the final second of “The Melted Ones,” I was completely hooked. The riffs come fast and furious. I still find it incredible people can play the guitar like this, so it completely floors me to hear it. Guitarist JH Jung really brings the heat with his blindingly fast picking, somehow combining melody and technical prowess into wonderfully consuming riffs. Combining that with the bass and drums just really gets your blood pumping. Then Post’s vocals come in to wrap everything up with a nice bow. It’s thrashy, it’s melodic, it’s good.

I originally mentioned the album art because I think it’s actually important in this case. The gross out horror comedy of the cover gives you the exact right impression of what the band is about. It’s pretty brutal metal that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Certainly the music was well done, so I don’t want to demean what the two musicians do here. But there’s this very real tongue in cheek humor to the whole thing that just makes this a complete joy to listen to. If you like your metal totally engaging and very on the nose, you’re gonna love This Summer is Going to Kill You.