Snazzy title, right? I’m just good at those, there’s no helping it. Anyway, forget that and let’s talking about Voyager and, more specifically, about their upcoming album. Voyager is a band I’ve always enjoyed but never could bring myself to love. All the elements were there but something about it just didn’t gel for me. I’m not sure if it was something about me or something about them (probably both) but I would find their albums good but they never quite grabbed me. Well, all of that’s changed; their upcoming release, Colours in the Sun, has me thoroughly entranced. And while this isn’t a review (that’ll be coming a bit closer to release), I just had to take the time and put it in your radar. I’ll do it through the band’s recent single, titled “Colours”. That’ll should grab your attention, so head on down below to spin it.

If you’ve heard this band before, all the elements from the past are still here: the djent-y vibes, the 80’s synths, the unique vocal timbres. But everything feels more necessary, tighter, more direct and impactful. The guitar tones hit hard but not too processed, the drums are excellent, and those soaring vocals sound more restrained and yet, as a result, even more powerful. And let me tell you, there’s way more of this on the album. Some tracks take the 80’s vibes up to eleven (get it?), some of them have an Einar Solberg guest spot (OK, just one but it’s really good) and they’re all incredible fun.

Voyager have managed to blow my preconceptions of them as a band out of the water and I can’t wait to tell you more about this album. For now, munch on the above single and get hyped for this release; I love it when bands surprise me, especially when we’re talking about bands I’ve always wanted to love and never quite could. I’m proud to say that I love Voyager’s upcoming release and, if you’re a fan of this kind of over the top and groovy progressive metal, so will you.

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