EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Watch Outrun the Sunlight’s Phil Kalas Comfortably Nail “Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort”

It’s no secret that Outrun the Sunlight is one of our favorite bands working within the larger context of the New Wave of American Post Rock. These Chicago based

4 years ago

It’s no secret that Outrun the Sunlight is one of our favorite bands working within the larger context of the New Wave of American Post Rock. These Chicago based natives have come a long way from their more progressive metal roots, slowly but surely forming and developing the more atmospheric sides of their sound into something truly monumental and moving. Red Bird, their last release, benefited from that development immensely; it was, and is, the band’s finest release to date and showcased their absolute dedication to sound and delivery. Recently, the band have been posting bass play-throughs of the album performed by one Phil Kalas, the band’s groove-master. We’re more than proud to premiere the last of these videos, showcasing the track “Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort”. One of my favorite pieces of music from the band ever, it’s a deftly intricate and yet incredibly effective track, even more so when coupled with Kalas’s exceptional performance. Head on down below for some aural shock and awe and let’s chat a bit after.

God, when those last chords hit, right? “Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort” is a perfect example of the patience and meticulous care with which Outrun the Sunlight construct their tracks. It seems straight-forward enough when you listen to it on the emotional level, all resplendent attack and impact, but if you listen closely you can hear the various repetitions, build-ups, and releases that go into this track. But the track never gets bogged down in its own complexity, truly channeling that sense of urgency and immediacy on all levels. Says Kalas about the track:

“Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort” is the final track on the album, Red Bird. The odd-time signature grooves of bass part are extremely satisfying to play.

The tune starts with a syncopated groove in 5/4. On the last measure of each phrase the bass plays a one measure turnaround that really helps solidify the end of each phrase. After a section of ambient building from the guitars and drums the bass comes back with a hard staccato outline of the chord progression. The chordal motif is repeated throughout the tune as it slowly culminates in an anthemic rock ending.

As a bass player I always look forward to rocking out a heavy groove. Playing Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort live is really a chance to let loose and rock out. As a prog-rock kind of band we can sometimes get too caught up in technical wakery. This song keeps us grounded.

Couple all of the above with Kalas’s dexterity and feel, plus this excellently made video, and you have yourself the complete package. Exciting things are coming from the Outrun the Sunlight camp and I for one absolutely can’t wait. If you feel the same, make sure to follow the band online for more news as it develops. If you’re still, somehow, inexplicably, not familiar with Red Bird, please remedy that at this link.

Eden Kupermintz

Published 4 years ago