Another day, another massive release from Small Stone Recordings. This time around, we have the garage rock/psychedelic/stoner trappings of Pale Grey Lord, a band so dedicated to the aesthetics of the genre that their cover art looks like something from AD&D and I meant that in the best way possible. The release itself invokes the same vibes, delivering high energy riff after riff, rarely stopping for the musings you might find on other psychedelic releases. Things just keep going, hitting you again and again. Head on down below to stream “Greed Springs Eternal”, the blistering second track from the album and I’ll see you below.


Can I get a hell yeah? As I said, the upcoming Eschatology from which this track is taken from doesn’t stop to ask too many questions and neither does “Greed Springs Eternal”. From the first moment those guitars hit hard, backed up by the punctual and percussive groove section. There’s also a brightness on those guitars throughout the track which evokes nostalgia in much the same way as on Black Mountain or Torche. This, and the thick bass which runs behind them, works really well with the grunge-y vocals. Pale Grey Lore are very much cognizant of these balances and put them to very good use throughout this belter of a track.

Throw in a bunch of good politics and storytelling and you’re all set. Says the band:

“The second track on the album is ‘Greed Springs Eternal’, an uptempo ripper that has the band firing on all cylinders. Snaky guitar leads run through the hooky choruses, adding to the frenetic energy of the song. The lyrics tell an all-too-familiar story: awful people with unearned privileged do terrible things and instead of facing consequences for their actions, end up getting rewarded with even more wealth and status. The subjugated take notice of this pattern of injustice, however, and the seeds of revolution are quietly sown.”

If you’re hankering for more, there’s another track streaming on the label’s Bandcamp where you can also pre-order the album. Eschatology sees release on 6th of September, which isn’t too far away so get on it!