It’s not so rare that we see bands with certain immensities tour together, but it is quite strange when two behemoth acts from wildly different backgrounds, disparate fan bases, and particular evolutions come together. This is certainly what can be said of The Unheavenly Skye tour, which sees nu-prog titans Coheed and Cambria hitting the road alongside the genre-defying Mastodon.

Not only are Coheed and Cambria touring for their 2018 release Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures [review], Mastodon celebrate the tenth anniversary of their landmark album Crack the Skye, a favorite among the staff here at Heavy Blog is Heavy, and one we have loved well and loved deeply [*prognotes part I, part II, part III, A Gift to Artwork]. Having not played the album in full since its release in 2009, this tour was particularly special.

Chicago certainly spoke true to its nickname as “The Windy City” as a brewing storm gently rolled into Northerly Island, bringing whipping winds and a rain that seemed to echo the bands’ intensities as their respective progressive opuses hit their crescendos. Truly just an outstanding lineup and incredible back-to-back performances.

Please enjoy the photos of Mastodon and Coheed and Cambria below. This show was certainly a treat.