EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Infinity Shred Are Back With “Long May You Run”

I can’t believe I just typed the words “Infinity Shred are back”. I just want to open by saying that, by saying how much I love this project. Their

5 years ago

I can’t believe I just typed the words “Infinity Shred are back”. I just want to open by saying that, by saying how much I love this project. Their 2016 Long Distance is one hell of an underrated release, blending metal, synthwave, EDM, and prog into one impossible, but somehow functioning, package. And now they’re back! Scheduled to release their upcoming album, Forever, A Fast Life on 3DOT Recordings on August 23rd, the retro-futuristic trio have graced us with the opportunity to premiere the quite endearing video  for “Long May You Run”. Head on down below for warmth, urbanity, a bright gaze towards the future, and some excellent music.

I didn’t choose the adjectives above by mistake; what I love the most about this downright moving band is the range of emotions which they create. Blending perfectly with their often sci-fi aesthetics, they pour out this blend of hope, melancholy, resignation, and a dogged belief in the future that is intoxicated to me. The track itself does this, as always, first via the post-rock guitar basis, reminding us of If These Trees Could Take or early This Will Destroy You. Coming in alongside that are the synths, hopeful like 65daysofstatic but perhaps more rooted in glitch and EDM than the noisier Brits ever were (although the noisy, fuzzy passage with its echoing crash cymbals and deep synths definitely echoes We Were Exploding Anyway). Underpinning these two sounds, tying them together, are the dynamic and groovy drums. When chugs from the guitars are introduced, these drums proliferate and create a ferocious groove segment that amplifies the guitars heavier, more metallic sound.

The video only amplifies all of these feelings. Taking a more intimate approach, this video (filmed entirely on cellphones) gives the band a chance to showcase their personalities and playing styles instead of enigmatic imagery. This creates a further connection between the listener and the music, building bridges of not only aural but also visual empathy between us and the band. The end result is simply a massive joy to listen to and to experience. It’s one of these tracks that just make your heart feel larger and that’s everything I’ve come to expect from Infinity Shred. Seriously, if you’ve never given them a chance, correct that error now; you’d be hard pressed to find a more inspiring project working in these spaces. For now, head on over to the label to pre-order what is certain to be another excellent release.

Eden Kupermintz

Published 5 years ago