Since its inception, metal has been a genre of music that never lacked a flair for the dramatic. Even Black Sabbath’s earliest records were stuffed with stories intended to shock and disturb, and metal’s trajectory hasn’t changed since. While metal as a whole is as diverse in theme and approach as any other genre of music, its inherent theatricality continues unabated in the realms of black and death metal, which is the crossroads where Germany’s Temple Koludra finds itself. Melding these two seminal metal subgenres with verve and skill, Temple Koludra’s debut record Seven! Sirens! To a Lost Archetype is a riveting listen from start to finish, and today we are pleased to bring you a track from this record entitled “Vertigo”, premiering exclusively here at Heavy Blog!   

The reference to the more dramatic aspects of black and death metal are realized with stunning intensity in “Vertigo”, which kicks off with all the ominous portent of a Lovecraft story. This emphasis on atmosphere and mood sets the tone for the epic nine minutes to come, which feature enough impressive riffs to fill the bellies of even the hungriest metalheads. Pulling from the playbook of labelmates Gaerea and Nigredo, Temple Koludra whips up a black metal amalgam with death-infused touches that is never anything less than brutal without ever dipping into sonic overkill. The halfway mark of the track displays the band’s ability to constrain its intensity by adding nuance and variety to the track without jumping around from riff to riff with reckless abandon. “Vertigo” takes its time developing its riches, and is all the better for it.

If you are looking for some quality black/death metal to sink your teeth into that doesn’t shy away from these genres’ darker sonic tendencies, look no further than Temple Koludra. “Vertigo” is a solid track, and well worth the time you invest in it. Look for the full-length release June 14th on Transcending Obscurity Records, and pre-order the album here.