Of all the many subgenres in the death metal world, death-doom tends (for me) to be the most hit and miss. Perhaps it’s my own expectations regarding albums in this particular category, but it often feels that they lean too far to one side or the other, making the blending of these two titanic genres feel decidedly one-sided most of the time. Some bands have been able to pull off a healthy mix, though, and the results are usually spectacular. I count Hooded Menace, Inverloch, and diSEMBOWELMENT among those most amazing few. Looks like Spain’s Hex may be next to join these bands as well-balanced death-doom monoliths. Their sophomore record, God Has No Name, drops July 5th via the mighty Transcending Obscurity Records, and we’re pleased to bring you a track from that project today premiering exclusively here at Heavy Blog!

“Worshipping Falsehood” kicks off with something that many death-doom tracks lack: An immediately catchy riff. This will become something of a motif throughout this track, as we are pounded by a relentless stream of riffs that are both well-sequenced and executed to near perfection. Probably the most impressive aspect of Hex’s approach to songwriting are their instincts in knowing when they’ve given you enough of one particular passage (a skill that MANY doom bands could take notes on), offering at just the right time another tasty riff to chew on. The middle section of the track is especially great at this, providing a section of melodic death metal that fits the track perfectly and adds needed diversity to what could be a fairly formulaic track. With this level of thought going into their songwriting, it’s easy to see why Hex have crafted a winner here.

With band members hailing from acts like Virulency, Tomb, and Incursed, it’s no wonder that Hex sounds as good as it does. Death-doom fans will find plenty to love here. Check them out on Bandcamp and let the audio violence flow through you.