Today we have guest writer Evan Lurie of Arctic Drones premiering the last single from the upcoming album Just by the Philadelphia heavy shoegaze duo crown of pity. You can check out more of Evan’s writing here:

Sharing the same home ground of bands like A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Nothing, crown of pity have found their own flavor of shoegaze to gain the attention of fans of the genre. The Philadelphia-bred duo are preparing for the release of their debut album Just, due out May 3rd, a fully self-produced venture. It is clear this project is a labor of love, and the relentless effort Natalie and David put into their sound shows in its expansive yet crushing nature. On the eve of their album release, we are happy to present their third and final single, “Rather Be Nothing”.

Crown of Pity’s sound takes from a wealth of influences, most of which are found in the shoegaze era of the 90’s. However, the powerful vocal patterns found on “Rather Be Nothing” give the music an old-school heavy metal flare that hooked me in immediately. The anthemic new track is a feel-good jam that also has plenty of noise and depth that one expects from shoegazers, and it’s eccentric mix of the two make Just a must-listen when it comes out this Friday.