Oh boy, it’s been ages since I recommended some good synthwave/darkwave on the blog! When I stumbled across Finally Some Action in the blog’s inbox, my expectations were high. I mean, that name is so good! When I clicked through to their latest release, Circuits of Time, everything screamed “yes” at me; the track titles, the EP name, the cover art. Luckily, the music itself wasn’t about to disappoint me either: Finally Some Action make a kind of laid back synthwave that merges the cheesiness of Gunship with the more nostalgic, laid back vibes of The Midnight. They also bring their own edge to things in the form of Nalani Proctor’s vocals. Head on down below for your first taste!


On the face of it, the eponymous track is a straight-forward affair. Bright synths float above an old-school drum beat, channeling the poppy vibes which originally gave the electronic genres their power. But Proctor’s vocals are more darkwave influenced, rich, deep, and full. They add a layer of hopeful melancholy to everything which should be familiar enough to fans of Gunship; it’s the kind of delivery which is perfectly typified in the album’s cover art, a kind of “you and me against the world” vibe that is also mirrored in the album’s cover art.

Throw in some interesting synth tone choices near the end, and on the next track, the excellent “Sensor Recall”, and you have everything you need for success. This little EP does a good job of scratching that electronic, synth itch that’s never too far away for me. Its limited runtime also works very well with the music, letting it stay fresh and vibrant even after multiple listens. Bottom line, if you’re looking for some well made synthwave with those alluring darkwave touches, look no further than Finally Some Action!