I mentioned this when I was writing up my stoner metal round-up but it bears repeating: Irata‘s upcoming release, Tower, is some of the best stoner metal I’ve heard in a while. It has this effortless air to it and a charm, as if Irata just let things roll off onto a file and that’s how this came out. That’s obviously not true, as the amount of polish and great composition will attest to but it the band’s dynamics and vibe make you believe it. “Weightless”, which we are proud to premiere today, is a great example of that. From the opening riffs, so reminiscent of Torche and their saccharine approach to fuzz, to the big choruses, this track oozes cool and groove. Check it out below!

I think the cohesiveness of this album, perhaps the best adjective to describe what draws me to it so much, is due in part to clever tone selection and great production. At any one time during this track, you can hear several guitar tracks going at it, plus the bass. Something about how everything sounds when it flows together is just right; no tone is replicated exactly but they’re close enough that they work together, offsetting each other and creating something truly moving. Add in a great job done on the production to make sure that everything sounds crystal clear and you have yourself a winning formula.

Of course, the actual music is added on to this. “Weightless” is chock full of great riffs and an especially awesome moment right before the outro (“so god damn beautiful!”) which utilizes vocal harmonies brilliantly. If this track has got you hyped, which it should have, there’s plenty more to be found on Tower. It releases on May 24th and can be pre-ordered right here.