The story of the video we’re premiering today is, in many ways, the story of my journey with this band. It starts off as just a simple, if enjoyable, jaunt; a few friends go into the local forest to have fun, drink alcohol, and generally cut loose. So too was the impression the album, from which this track gets its name, first left on me, namely fun, well made, and frivolous stoner metal. But as the video progresses, a more sinister and nuanced message starts to seep in. It seems this group of friends has angered something in the forest, perhaps the forest itself? Whatever it is, it takes revenge on them by…blasting their minds with the full state of this world, pollution, poverty and all.

That’s not exactly par the course for this kind of message and neither did the album end up quite as I expected it. The more I listened, the more interesting segments I found, like the beautiful brass passages on this track or the riveting, quiet, filled with jazz-y notes passage nearer its end. Bright Curse seem intent on defying expectations and weaving much more than meets the eye both into their music and, as I’ve now found out, into their music videos. This refreshing take on stoner metal and its aesthetic is quite welcome and ends up elevating this album way beyond the crop and into its own league.

Check out the intriguing video below. Time of the Healer releases on 10th May 2019 via Ripple Music. Don’t forget to head on over to their site to pre-order it.