Friends and comrades, it is time to Doom. Specifically, it is time to become familiar with a band called Blind Monarch who are set to release their debut album tomorrow, the 5th of April 2019. We are more than proud to be premiering said album right here for you today, in all its cavernous glory. And cavernous it is; What Is Imposed Must Be Endured flirts with the label “funeral doom”, all echoey chords ringing out over a vast, frostbitten distance. Their sound echoes the slower moments of bands like Inter Arma, מזמור and Yob, harnessing the power of the lower register of the musical scale for intensity, weight and delivery. Head on down below to stream the album in full and, once you’ve recovered, let’s chat a bit more below.

The track that initially drew me to this release was the excellent second track, “My Mother, My Cradle, My Tomb”. From the original, filthy, groovy riffs, through the eerie, haunting interlude in the middle and all the way to the resounding resurgence of the vocals at the end, this track is everything I love about this kind of doom. After listening to this track, it might not surprise you that the band hail from Sheffield in the UK; the northern part of England has become a breeding ground for this kind of dirty, sinister metal, even as the style spreads all over the Isles. In any case, Blind Monarch serve up one of its more virulent and noxious manifestations and for that, we are grateful.

Don’t forget to head on over to the band’s Bandcamp above to pre-order the album before it drops tomorrow. They also have some pretty sick shirts on offer as well, so check those out once you’re done!