There are few, if any, labels in the metal world that can match the unique hot-streak of Indian juggernaut Transcending Obscurity Records. Every few weeks it seems, another record drops from this label that transfixes me. Australian doom merchants Illimitable Dolor and their sophomore record, Leaden Light, are the latest such act to capture my imagination, and we could not be more pleased to premier one of the album’s titanic tracks, “Leaden Light Her Coils”, exclusively here at Heavy Blog. You like deeply atmospheric doom? You’ve come to the right place.

At a whopping thirteen minutes, there’s plenty to digest in “Leaden Light Her Coils”, and in this case that’s a decidedly good thing. Following in the highly melodic, deeply emotional vein of Evoken, Mournful Congregation, and Loss, Illimitable Dolor crank through this track with all the conviction and clarity one could ask from this strain of doom. Kicking off with a key harmony that will nest itself in your brain with relative ease, the band establish their reliance on melodic songwriting from the gate. Following up this serene, melancholy opening with a riff fest for the ages, “Leaden Light Her Coils” does exactly what you need a brooding atmospheric doom metal track to do. But Illimitable Dolor aren’t as simple as that. The use of synths and keys in this track is simply stunning, popping up at various spots to add maximum emotional impact to every delicious riff the band blast through your speakers. It’s difficult to pull off this type of music without coming across as either inept or hopelessly cheesy, and Illimitable Dolor avoid both through technical proficiency and emotional honesty, culminating in a highly memorable piece of doom metal songwriting.

There’s little to fault here for fans of atmospheric doom metal. Illimitable Dolor have separated themselves from the doom pack as a force to be reckoned with on a label chock full of quality bands, and that alone is worthy of commendation. Melody, fantastic guitar tone, measured songwriting and killer riffs are all here for you to explore. Why not dive in? The record will be available in its entirety for purchase on March 20th, and is up for pre-order now.