Good morning and welcome once again to the wave of progressive stoner metal which has been washing over us for several years now. This time, we are proud to premiere The Ghost Next Door‘s A Feast for the Sixth Sense, a politically charged exploration of groove, riffs, and the powers they hold. The album’s centerpiece is probably the vocals though, reminding us not only of the more “obvious” comparisons like King Goat or Boss Keloid but also of the more frenetic stylings of acts like Psychotic Waltz. Scroll on down below to stream the album in full and let’s meet after for some more words.

I’m going to direct your attention to one of the latter tracks on the album, “The Sacrifice Person”. It does a really good job of capturing what I love about this album, channeling the kind of groove that’s always sure to get me going by placing a large emphasis on the bass guitar and the kick drums. But don’t miss the faint, psychedelic touches on the vocals which at times move between grungier timbres and more raspy, stoner metal infused tones. All of these things are brought into sharp relief by the frankly excellent mix on the album, orchestrated by one Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Testament). It makes sure everything shines to just the right amount while the vocals still enjoy their own space to do their thing.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, you can head on over here to pre-order the album. You might even get a chance to catch these guys on tour, on one of the dates listed below. Support music!

Friday, 3/8 Petie’s, Tarzana, California
Saturday, 3/9, Bancroft, Spring Valley, California
Sunday, 3/10, The Quarry, Bisbee, Arizona
Monday, 3/11, RCBG @ Thunderbird, El Paso, Texas
Tuesday, 3/12, Deadhorse, San Angelo, Texas
Wednesday, 3/13, The Guillotine, San Antonio, Texas
Thursday, 3/14, Swan Dive, Austin, Texas
Friday, 3/15, Ridglea Theater, Ft. Worth, Texas
Saturday, 3/16, Kickbutt Coffee, Austin, Texas
Sunday, 3/17, Growlers, Memphis, Tennessee
Tuesday, 3/19, Your Mom’s House, Denver, Colorado
Wednesday, 3/20, Loading Dock, Salt Lake City, Utah
Thursday, 3/21, Jub Jub’s, Reno, Nevada
Friday, 3/22, Winters Tavern, Sonora, California
Saturday, 3/23, Caravan, San Jose, California