Last week, I reviewed Mo’ynoq’s Dreaming in a Dead Language, turning to such words as “suffocate”, “buried”, and “overbearing”. The more I spend time with this album (and I’ve been spending a lot of time with it), the more it opens up and those words somehow become more and less true. On the one hand, I’ve got it mapped out by now and my ears and mind know how to parse it. On the other, that’s only led me to better appreciate how much is really going on at all times and how unrelenting this album can be. This, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a good problem; if there’s one thing we should expect from our black metal, it’s that it constantly unfolds into new and interesting forms as we give it more time.

With Dreaming in a Dead Language, Mo’ynoq have managed to create an album which does just that. Where before tracks like “These Once Tranquil Grounds” or closer “Buried By Regret” kind of fell away in the face of the more immediate highlights of the album, now they’ve also divulged their secrets to me. Their twisting labyrinths of notes and screams seemed to me to be transitions only, roads to better place. But now, I can appreciate them for their brutality and emotion as units of their own, merely more facets and different-yet-similar perspectives on Mo’ynoq’s dedication to excellent black metal.

Thus, to give you your own chance to dive into this fantastic album, we’re proud to premiere it in full below. Once you’re done, don’t forget to click through to their Bandcamp page and pre-order this beast; it’s truly one of the better and more dynamic black metal albums I’ve heard in a while.