“What the fuck did I just listen to?”
When I forwarded this to Eden, his reaction instantly let me know how he felt about this devastating blast of microtonal death metal. You’ll probably be thinking the same after the next three minutes. From the wild minds of Lee Fisher (Commit Suicide, Fawn Limbs) and Jeanne Strieder (Coma Cluster Void) – and completed with the inclusion of Eeli Helin (Fawn Limbs) and Sylvia Hinz (Coma Cluster Void), Infinite Nomad blur the lines between dissonance, groove, and technical prowess and we’re thrilled to premiere their first fret-melting, drum destroying goodie – “Luminous Throat”


If you’ve paid attention to Heavy Blog over the last few years, you’ll have noticed our love of both acts who make up the members of this new, wonderful project. Coma Cluster Void and Fawn Limbs both in their own right make strong arguments for weird, unsettling death metal – caveman riffs and cookie monster vocals are fine, but c’mon, we’ve heard it all before. “Luminous Throat” hits that sweet spot of being almost unlistenable if you don’t know what you’re meant to be listening for, thanks in no small part to the devilish wizardry and composition from Strieder. Fisher’s wild work with his hands and feet dances around the screaming, churning strings in almost perfect synchronicity, even when there seems to be nothing linking the two parts together. Hinz and Heelin are the final pieces in the puzzle, with Hinz’ bass guitar rumbling and stabbing and Heelin continuing to prove his worth as one of the new voices of envelope-pushing metal. And lucky us, because the video shows everyone at work, doing what they do so god damn well.

Infinite Nomad’s mission statement should also make you crack a smile.

“We destroy music to make people happy. Unlike others who destroy happiness with music.”

No argument from me here. Infinite Nomad host a veritable who’s who of the kind of metal that will make your editor lose his mind when you send him the link. Never riding on the back of their previous releases, the musicians involved can continue to eviscerate melody and harmony forever and we’ll keep listening. Expect us to be covering their next release (set for release next year) with feverish, sweaty glee.