Who doesn’t like to get angry? Fucking show them to me, so I can kick their teeth in; as the mighty Rage Against the Machine once said (paraphrasing a classic, anarchistic trope), “your anger is a gift”. This is something that Spain’s Ernia appear to understand very intimately; their upcoming, self titled album, is a slab of death/grind that’s all about cutting loose, swinging hard, and for the jugular. It’s also experimental as all hell, channeling the kind of chaotic mathcore/grind that is fast becoming so popular these days. But unlike the clinical, albeit feedback laden, depressed anger of a band like Frontierer let’s say, Ernia work with classic grind filth to get their anger across. The guitar tones are chunky, the vocals are guttural, and the drums go hard. Don’t believe me? Screw you, listen to “Free of Avidya” right below and hear for yourself.

Avidya is a word in Sanskrit which means ignorance or misunderstanding. Thus, “Free of Avidya” is a perfect title for an angry track; anger helps us refine our minds and smash through the bullshit and lies that are laden on us by the Powers that Be on a regular basis (you know, lies like “we’re not going to die from thirst” and “yeah, just burn those trees, we don’t really need them”). The track lives up to that promise, going fast for the entirety of its blistering runtime. The vocals especially hit home really well, always seeming to contain yet another level of raw emotion, even though you were sure things couldn’t get any heavier from here.

The blend of those vocals with how filthy the guitars are is what makes Ernia work; the entire album just keeps going, smashing you with riff after blastbeat after squeal. But it’s also done exceptionally cleverly, as on this track; sure, it’s fast and aggressive but it’s also interesting, blending in some really cool compositional and rhythm based ideas into the mix. Other places on the album take this even further, channeling weird ass static interludes, feedback loops, and more to keep you mad, disgusted, and spewing poison. Ernia sees release on December 7th; you can pre-order it via the band’s Bandcamp right fucking here. Break shit.


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