EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Benoit Belt Out A Banger With “Peace in Silence”

The best thing about writing for Heavy Blog is helping musicians and people that you have followed for years. Taking a few hours out to feature the fruits of their

5 years ago

The best thing about writing for Heavy Blog is helping musicians and people that you have followed for years. Taking a few hours out to feature the fruits of their labours is literally the least we can do when we are the ones who receive the block rocking beats. Today, I have the privilege to share a new track from a fresh-faced (kinda), ferocious and, most of all, fantastically handsome hardcore band. With members of Colombian Necktie, Black Sheep Wall, Wuss and more, Benoit bring the snapping bite of West Coast punk into 2018 with reckless and rampant abandon. Get over the jump to blast “Peace in Silence” right the hell now.

Thanks to a drunk conversation in a California park, members of some of the state’s loudest and scuzziest bands pulled together to riff out and play powerviolence. The resulting sounds may veer quite far from the screeching stab attack of that genre, but Benoit still hit it hella hard. “Peace in Silence” is a wonderfully dynamic burst of jumped up, punked out metallic hardcore that fans of Converge, (old) Mastodon and Trap Them will enjoy. Part of the bigger picture – debut LP Master is out August 10th -, the track pulses and grooves with all of the sassy swagger you can imagine coming from a group so packed with talent.

Coming in under the radar due to their humble but honourable back catalogue of music, the members of Benoit are doing their own thing at their own pace and ultimately, for their own benefit. That isn’t to say that we can’t enjoy the tunes with them. Dan and Graham from the band were sweet enough to share some background on “Peace in Silence”, looking at both the lyrics and music behind them.

“The lyrics for “Peace in Silence” are written about the sorts of anxieties and personal issues we all deal with on a day-to-day basis. We all hope for moments of solitude where we can look inward and forget about our priorities, personal struggles, and anything else that may be weighing on us on a daily basis, but more often than not, thoughts of inadequacy, failure, and the desire for a better life come in to disrupt these times of self-reflection” – Dan
“This song’s kind of a rock’n’roller. It’s the product of trying to play a lead riff and a chuggy rhythm riff at the same time and then drinking too much coffee. It ends with the ‘bully riff,’ cause it sounds like a bully strolling in to take everyone’s lunch money and knock your fruit cup out of your hand. You gotta watch out for that” – Graham

There isn’t a fruit cup safe from the flailing limbs and riffs of these bullies. You would never guess by looking at them but these riffmeisters are fixing to level entire cities with the absolutely massive balls contained within Master. The record is much bigger than your local hardcore band could even fathom; immersive and catchy as much as it is pummeling and unnerving, Master is my nominee for sleeper hit of the year.

I have to take a second to thank Juan for reaching out and ensuring I was one of the first to hear the record. Some people just fucking get it. Benoit fucking get it. Now it’s your turn! Master can be pre-ordered here and the record release party is stacked too. Catch Juan and co at

The BLVD in Los Angeles with Seizures, Plagues, and Whelm.
Matt MacLennan

Published 5 years ago