At Heavy Blog we have such a wide range of tastes and preferences among our staff. A cursory glance over any one week of content can tell you that. It’

6 years ago

At Heavy Blog we have such a wide range of tastes and preferences among our staff. A cursory glance over any one week of content can tell you that. It’s not very often a lineup ever contains a full line-up of Blog favourites (mainly mine but shh). Until now. This weekend, the new spiritual home of music for Internet Metal Nerds Saint Vitus host the Mathcore Index Fest. Over two days, a veritable shit tonne of bands plying their trade in any one arm of the extended mathcore branch will lay waste to the stage. And all of the nerds in the front row. This is a serious lineup, one that really should entice anyone who follows us.

Presented by Metal Injection, the first edition of the Mathcore Index Fest is exactly what the community around the music appreciation has been crying out for. Heavy Blog’s AOTY 2016 holders Car Bomb sit at the top of the bill, one of our scenes darlings taking the responsibility for rounding off a weekend full of other Heavy Blog favourites, not to mention some of my personal favourite extreme music acts. Did I already mention I’m pissed I’m not gonna be attending?

The complete bill leans toward the more chaotic and, ultimately, hostile sounds of the genre, but the quality and unique traits of the acts in question will keep heads moving through the weekend. The dirty grooves and machine pulses of Mouthbreather and Arms are a perfect combo of hard-hitting upstarts, ready to share the stage with the bizarre and intriguing Dead Empires – themselves the perfect partner to Fero Lux and their convulsing shifts between pop sensibilities and grindcore flurries. Yashira too. Fuck. Another band burning through new fans like funky cigarettes outside a Bongcore Fest. Twisting; their meandering extreme metal, a million miles away from the absolute insanity that comes from a SeeYouSpaceCowboy set. There are so many bands to pick from, how am I meant to pick a track to link to next? We’ve not even got the pre-party with Artificial Brain, Pyrrhon and Void Spawn. Double fuck.

I get a lot of my new music obsessions from Mathcore Index directly, many of which I’ve written about here. The community surrounding this group is one of the most pleasant to be around too. No bullshit here. Just great bands on a great stage making great music. In between shitposts in the group, I harassed Christian of Mathcore Index for a blurb and he delivered. Much like he and his team have delivered one of the most interesting events on this side of extreme music. Make sure you check out the day splits over at Metal Injection and go follow Mathcore Index on Facebook already and have lots of fun. Assholes.

“We are so proud to present to you our very first musical “festival,” Mathcore Index Fest 2018, a two-day concert event featuring some of the most forward-thinking bands in extreme and underground music, and hopefully an experience that feels as though it were curated by us”
Matt MacLennan

Published 6 years ago