One of my most dearly missed niche phase of extreme music was that “weird” phase of mathcore that brought us stuff like The Red Chord, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Silent Circus era BTBAM, and the like? Wonky breakdowns, noodly guitar tech, and brutality that flirted with death metal and grindcore was the sound of a certain kind of person’s MySpace playlist circa 2005.

This exact framing device was used last year when we introduced Texas-based mathcore project The Sound That Ends Creation, but the one-man act is back again with another record — Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns, out June 30th — that promises to be even more berserk than the last, and the nostalgia for this kind of music re-ignites every time it rears its ugly head, as seldom as it may occur. We’ve been given the opportunity to share a cut from the record titled “Fucky The Drunk Clown Only Comes Around During A Full Moon”, which is two minutes of chaos bordering on the avant-garde with use of saxophone, percussive piano stabs, and what sounds like a sample from a Will Ferrell movie. Basically, everything you wished iwrestledabearonce would do if they came back around.

Stream the track via the Bandcamp player below.

Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns will see an independent release June 30th. If you like what you hear, pick up a physical copy and some merch and support the ongoing madness of Chris Dearing.


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