I’ve been telling you about Stargazer since 2014; last year, it was my pleasure to review their debut and shed some light on its intricacies and non-standard approach to its genre. In retrospect, now that I’ve had even more time with Tui La, what makes it work so well is the cohesion and organic momentum that the band have. They just seem to really enjoy playing with each other and that makes them gel in a way that’s rare for a relatively young act. The two videos we’re premiering today from them really solidify this fact; both “Animus” and “Skinwalker” are some of my favorite tracks from the band but, more importantly, the videos really showcase how well they work together. Head on over the jump to see for yourself and we’ll talk more!


While both videos/tracks are great, “Animus” is the one I want to talk most about. The track’s core is that groove on the main riff that runs through it, created by the interaction between the guitars and the rhythm section. Even though it’s offer their EP before Tui LaGenesis, there’s a lot on it that carried on to their full length. Like the rest of that album, the tones and composition just make it pop. In studio, that works even more. Perhaps it is because we get to see the people playing the track, their chemistry and their reactions to the music as it unfolds or perhaps because Stargazer really utilize the strengths of in-studio video/sound that it just works so well. The latter probably has a huge part to play. It’s really admirable how little editing has been used on these videos and their sound. Everything sounds live, organic and convincing.

“Skinwalker” adds to that impression, especially on the vocals. Not all notes are hit with that crystal clear, 100% conviction that can only come from post-production on an album but that makes them all the more powerful and endearing. The performance turns into something real, accurate enough so that it sounds good but also human and nuanced. Overall, these two videos really showcase how confident and earnest Stargazer are and that’s always been what drew me to them; such honesty is a rare commodity in a genre that’s long been overwhelmed by mediocrity and pandering.

Make sure you support such an important, rising voice: you can follow the band on Facebook and, even better, buy their album right here or here. Fight the good fight; support good, creative, young and honest music!


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