Progressive metal is trying its best; it really is! It’s not from lack of releases that we find ourselves a bit exasperated with the genre. Instead, it seems as if some sort of lethargy, a lackluster sheen to the ideas and their execution in the genre, has taken hold of it. That’s why powerful, aggressive and earnest releases within progressive metal must be cherished and celebrated. Which brings us to the hungry bunch known as The Dali Thundering Concept. Gearing up for another release, this Parisian ensemble deals in the kind of heavy progressive music which you might compare to the early Monuments album, that time when Structures were fresh, and, in general, a period in time where djent was still innovative and forward looking. Let’s head on over the break for the full stream of Savages, their third album.


It’s possible to pin down three distinct sounds which make Savages work. On one end, heavy riffs are very much dominant. These have the full tone of djent’s heyday, preferring impact over flash but restraining the effects from becoming absurd. In “the middle” of the composition, we can find technical leads with just the right tone, adding flourishes and interest where needed. On the other end, we have a host of samples, electronic effects and “lighter” tracks (like the wonderful “Demeter” near the end of the album) which serve both to vary things up and to convey the album’s concept. That concept by the way appears very fleshed out, depicting what might be a slightly cliche dystopian setting but doing so in a convincing way.

Basically, you should listen to this album if you’re a fan of progressive, heavy music in any shape and form. On Savages, The Dali Thundering Concept appear to have really hit their stride, becoming cognizant of what works well for them as a band and proceeding to execute it without hesitation. That’s maybe the best part of the album; beyond the specific compositions and their merit (which is plenty), it exudes this air of self confidence and self awareness. In a genre known for its pointless elaboration and extravaganza, this band’s ability to get to the point while keeping you interested is a breath of fresh air.

Savages releases on April 13th. You can head over to the band’s Bandcamp page to pre-order it. While you’re there, check out the insanely well made video for “The Myth of Happiness”. Enjoy.


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