It’s no secret that we here at Heavy Blog are big fans of Green Druid’s drug-tinged, psychedelic take on riff-worshiping doom. The band represents the vanguard for a new generation of amp-smashing stoner doomers and it only makes sense that the flagbearers of the scene’s future hail from Denver, Colorado, ground zero for the nation’s legal marijuana experiment. Any followers of Green Druid’s social media presence will be familiar with the band’s reverence for marijuana but, just to be sure, the band uses their music videos to spread the smoky gospel as well.

All that is to say: we are ecstatic to present the premiere of Green Druid’s most recent visualization from their recent, excellent Ashen Blood. “Ritual Sacrifice” continues the hallucinatory tradition laid down by their “Dead Tree” video: trippy, hyper-colorful visuals that, coupled with the track’s hammering riffs and psychedelic atmosphere, make for a powerfully mind-bending experience tailor made for an extended puff-puff-pass session. Ritual Sacrifice’s visuals seem a bit more polished and cleanly assembled compared to “Dead Tree,” which makes their syncopation and juxtaposition to the song’s music even more impactful. Ever wonder what it would be like to get really, really high and get lost inside a lava lamp? Green Druid are here to give you a glimpse into that experience.

Ashen Blood is available now via Earache Records and can be ordered here.


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