We here at Heavy Blog are very excited to premiere the video for Green Druid‘s “Dead Tree.” As you may have heard us mention before, Green Druid are up-and-coming doom titans who recently signed with Earache Records and plan to put out their debut LP early next year. Although these guys may be relative newcomers to the scene, they bring a mountainous cache of riffs that will make the most seasoned doom vet – ahem – green with envy. Anybody interested in the stretched-out, marijuana-laced wanderings of Sleep or Bongripper will find plenty to love here. Green Druid worship at the altar of slow and low: thunderous and fuzzy riffs, hypnotic grooves, and a pummeling rhythm section all combine to create a brooding, transcendent doom experience.

And speaking of hypnotic, the video for “Dead Tree” is pure stoner psychedelia that pairs trippy CGI visuals of every variety with the foreboding, loud-and-soft dynamics of the track. Smartly allowing the mesmerizing flow of the song to take the lead, the video puts icing on the stoner doom cake with colorful, dynamic visuals that encourage a zoned out, blissful listening experience. But enough words – watch this thing already!

Green Druid are releasing Ashen Blood via Earache Records on March 16, 2018.

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