In metal, there is no combination with more potential than that of black metal and prog. Something about this blend just tickles all the right spots. The monotonous, raw energy of black metal is balanced by the experimentation and variety that prog brings. Enter Jarun, a Polish band who have been doing exactly this since 2008. Sporysz is their third album, and it demonstrates a level of comfort and creativity only experienced veterans of the genres can demonstrate. Today, I’m very excited to bring you a stream of said album, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Sporysz comes out on Arachnophobia Records on the 22nd of this very month, so do look forward to it.

The most delightful elements that emerge in this kind of fusion are folk influences, and hearing the different local flavors of folk based on the band’s origin is always exciting. Jarun do a great job of integrating all of these styles. Many artists attempt to do this style, but rarely does the end result resonate so well. The material we have here is on par with the greats such as Enslaved, which is no small feat. As such, without further ado, you can pre-order Sporysz on Arachnophobia’s website right now! You can also follow the band on Facebook here. Don’t let the craziness of the end of the year get in the way of listening to this album, because it’s easily up there with other high-profile progressive metal albums put out throughout the year!


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