Let’s get something out of the way before we begin: FUCK CANCER. Cancer is, without a doubt, one of the worst plagues that humanity has ever faced, as close to the Borg as we’ll ever see in real life (I hope) in the sense of an unstoppable, uncaring and all-encompassing force of destruction. Fighting it is an uphill battle and one in which we have made strides towards victory but are as far as ever from an ultimate triumph. Resources are needed and must be pooled if we want to keep pushing back against this thing and we should all contribute how and when we can.

Take Silenmara as an example; this Miami progressive death metal based band started #shredforthecure, a subsidiary foundation set up to support Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Under this moniker, they are promoting their upcoming EP, A Darkened Visionary, which will see release on December 15th. We’re extremely proud and honored to premiere a track from this album, “Bed of Lies”. It’s a progressive and intensely engaging take on melodic and progressive death metal, replete with vocal hooks, crazy good guitar licks and an overall sense of verve and dedication. Head on below to stream it!


Beyond the track being amazing, and the full EP being just as good, the background behind this release is equally as important. Using their music and connections in the musical industry, these guys are adamant about fighting against cancer. This comes from a personal place, as Jason Gato, the guitarist for the band says:

“I lost my Mother in 2009 to breast cancer, we were very close. She was a huge advocate of MSABC, so I decided to keep her legacy going. I have a long history with MSABC, and as an example I built a VW beetle for them to auction and raise money for the foundation.

After a few years I decided that I wanted to continue the MSABC support within the live music scene. I started #shredforthecure and I enlisted all my favorite bands from the state of Miami who have had a run in with the big C and started a yearly “festival” called Marageddon. All proceeds for the festival go directly to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, it’s been a huge success so far and we don’t see an end to it.  It’s a very personal and heart driven purpose, we do this for the people we love, and this is what we do best”.

So, if you’re keen on some amazing sound modern metal (this was produced by Jamie King by the way) and on supporting a band that stands for a great cause, keep your eyes on this space, the band’s Facebook page and their Bandcamp page as we near release of their EP. It’s well worth your time and attention.


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