OK, let’s be honest for a second here: sometimes, you just want to listen to some fucking music without having to read some pretentious Internet Metal Nerd spew a litany of adjectives at you. That’s fine and great and everybody feels like that sometime; we don’t take it personally. Heavy Blog hasn’t really been the place for that and has become less so over the years, as we’ve drifted towards just doing basically whatever the fuck we want, for as long as we want to do it. But we’re well aware of that state of mind; we sometimes experience that mood as well. So, how can we cater to this approach as well? What’s a good way to cut through all the bullshit and just give you access to good music, curated by yours truly? That sounds like a playlist, doesn’t it?

Lo’ and behold, All the Heavy Lifting is here to save the day. First off, the name: it’s just cool. We don’t even particularly like that track (not many of us are fans of The Hunter, though some to less…extravagant degrees than others). Secondly, this is a Spotify playlist which will take the place of the space dedicated to the Editors’ Picks playlist. If you don’t know where that is, scroll down and look to the left, under the popular posts. Or look for it below, because we’re just that helpful. Thirdly, this list will be updated every two weeks with selections made by the staff members themselves, two per staff member. It won’t have the names of those who picked them though and there are no restrictions, genre or chronological. Each staff member can simply pick two tracks and they go on the list.

What can you expect to find there? Pretty much everything; it’s always going to be something we think is good and worth your time (no troll picks). It’ll be predominantly metal, probably, simply based on the fact that most of our staff still listen mostly to metal. But expect it to have many different other things. And that’s about it; good music, delivered to your ears without the noise and nonsense of articles and thoughts. Just good music. Sounds good, right? Get to listening!


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