Inverted Serenity have been at the progressive death metal game for a while now. Formed in 2009, they’re about to release their third album, titled As Spectres Wither. Now, we’re about to bring you a song from said album, titled “Grave”, but let me set the stage first. Do you like the crushing, groovy and deliberate pace of Beyond Creation or Black Crown Initiate? The low-end heavy tech death sound of Soreption? Trevor Strnad’s vocals in The Black Dahlia Murder? Middle-era Death? Yes? Good! Then let’s go.


So there we go! With the clean interlude and blackened feel, this song goes places, but the most important thing is that it ends on a strong note. That elephant riff at the end will get you going. You can pre-order it right now, on their bandcamp! There’s also two more singles up on there if you’d like some more.


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