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Oh boy, it’s time to have some fun. Yeah, you heard me; The Neptune Power Federation is here to deliver the vibes first created in the heat of the

7 years ago

Oh boy, it’s time to have some fun. Yeah, you heard me; The Neptune Power Federation is here to deliver the vibes first created in the heat of the mid-late 60’s, blending off the cuff science fiction, bright colors and fuzzy guitar riffs into one heady concotion. Remember when heavy metal/rock was all about that? The early 70’s were all about your Iron Maidens (who are quoted directly on “Way of the Wizard”, a track on the album we’re going to discuss here), Led Zeppelins and Judas Priests, bands drawing their influence right from a drug-hazed, sex-filled vision of the New Age occult in America. Sure, it produced a lot of nonsense but it also provided metal and rock with the fuel they needed for their great flourishing.

The Neptune Power Federation are here to bring those days back. Their upcoming Neath A Shin Ei Sun is chock full of great stoner rock riffs and psychedelic touches, the crowning glory of which are the amazing vocals and their wide use of choirs on the album. Bundle that up with some great lyrics and a bold approach to changing the genre as fits the music, and you get The Neptune Power Federation. What in heaven’s sake are you still doing here? Head down below for your first taste!

I’ll be honest with you, the first passages of the title track from the album didn’t grab me too hard at first. I mean, they’re all great but pretty standard. However, closer to the end of the track, you suddently start hearing the choirs added to the vocals and your ear perks up. Then, the music breaks and a segement straight from the musical “Hair” comes on, the guitars break out in a glorious solo and the vocals amp everything up and notch and bam! You’re sold.

The opening track, being the first track released from the album, is a fantastic intro but it’s made all the more powerful by the closing track, which was released as the second single. “We Shall Triumph” is a much more expensive track, clocking in at over ten minutes. It also takes more influence from Rush or Queen, interjecting the psychedelic rock vibe with lots of emotion and melodrama. Featuring a meaty main riffs and vocals flirting with Rob Halford, “We Shall Triump” is an ambitious closing track, ending the album on a high note. It also flows expertly, bordering the lines of progressive rock without giving way on how much fun and energy it brings to the table.

Which is The Neptune Power Federation in a nutshell: it’s accessible, it’s fun but it’s also very well made, not willing to sacrifice quality for humour and lightheartedness. And why should it? Who said music has either to be accomplised or fun? Suits, that’s how! Resist their dull ways and open your third eye to the flooding pink light emanating from the mother that is The Neptune Power Federation; you won’t regret it.

Eden Kupermintz

Published 7 years ago