Polish melodic death metal outfit, In Twilight’s Embrace, are experts at finding the balance between black metal’s raw, foreboding aesthetic and death metal’s clear cut maximalism. Their last full length, 2015’s The Grim Muse, had some excellent riffage with a thin varnish of mystery and darkness. The band seems to be toying with the same sort of atmospheric melodic death metal as contemporaries Insomnium and Be’lakor but with the sinister undertones of black metal nihilists like Mgla. It’s a timeless sound that echoes of melodeath’s earliest Gothenburg demos and yet still finds resonance with today’s modern metal listeners.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy now has the honor of premiere a video for their newest track, “As Future Evaporates”, a righteous anthem with a beautifully shot video.

The track starts off strong with furious blast beats and a melodic tremolo figure. While the band has clearly maintained the core of their sound, there’s some real maturation here as well. As the song progresses, the grizzly undertones of their previous album are underplayed quite a bit in an exchange for a much sleeker, Dan Swäno style both in the production and the composition of this track. The group is embracing beauty and atmosphere much more outright here. The song is dreamy while still maintaining its aggression. Lastly, the video direction is quite superb. The director focuses on quiet and slow nature shots while avoiding human faces, adding to the track’s cold and desolate message. Vocalist, Cyprian Łakomy had the following to say about the video:

“[The video was shot] amidst the woods and lakes of the Western Pomerania region, where I come from. The solitude and total silence of this place enabled us to capture the mood of the song accuratelyThe video conveys the leitmotif of our entire new album – that death accompanies our whole lives. We encounter it at different stages and its growing awareness should drive us to make the most out of the time we were given. Sadly, few have enough guts to aim at something more than barely surviving.

Was I right about the nihilism? Vanitas will be released on September 22nd, 2017 through Arachnophobia Records and it is definitely an album that melodeath fans need to keep their eye on.


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