This week I was away, so Eden enlisted Simon as a Noyan replacement! Also, since I was away I have no idea what happened on the podcast beyond the beginning and ending (which I listen to for editing purposes) so I told Eden to do the podcast post. Hopefully he won’t forget and replace the text here with something meaningful. Or not. Enjoy anyway!

Hello, it’s Eden! I have decided to keep intact the cultural artifact that is Noyan’s lovely introduction from above. This week, Simon and I cover lots of new music from bands like Of Modern ArchitectureClipping.An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenOpen the NileSave Us from the Archon and The Hirsch Effekt! There’s also news in the form of Spotify “kinda” removing Nazi music from their platform, the new Perturbator song having disgusting lyrics about rape (seriously, it’s not OK), Mastodon maybe releasing a new and weirder album and a new Antigama album announced!

Near the end, we talk about the recent wave of what we call “Dark Descent Death Metal” (containing bands like Father Befouled, Blood Incantation and so on) and the “New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal” (containing bands like Lunar Shadow and Spellcaster). We discuss the movements themselves and then compare their differences and similarities.

Cool people time includes a brief discussion of our (still) prevalent disappointment with No Man’s Sky, even after the massive patch that was just released. Enjoy!

By the way, the NYN album Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is finally out, so check it out!

94 – Tho(ugh)t Police

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