We’re a wee country, Scotland. We like to think we’re world beaters at anything we try our hand at. Doesn’t matter whether it’s football, politics or metal, it’s not in our people’s nature to half ass anything. Last week we got to hear brand new music from one of the country’s more elusive acts and today, we give you the brand new, still warm to the touch it’s that hot off the press music video from Serenity Came Calling. Newbies should head over the jump for crushing yet silky tones a la Northlane and bruising metalcore a la Wage War. No half measures.

Let’s skip over the ridiculous snare sound and get into the spacious post-metalcore (it’s a thing, Google it). Serenity Came Calling are a young act yet have still found the time to reinvent their sound with this latest offering. “Tenebris” definitely flirts with the luscious sounds offered up by the acts previously mentioned, but there’s more grit between their teeth. Maybe that’s because they apparently practice at a site somewhere in the arse end of Glasgow. The bass/drums/vocals verse is a tried and tested favourite, even bringing to life rare glimpses of post metal. Cue the big battering riffs that modern metalcore acts wield so readily – now we have a complete track. Grey wash filtered music video = final piece of the puzzle.

This is a strange time for a young act to be releasing a music video, seeing as they have apparently recently lost their vocalist to other endeavors. Thankfully, they are still finding their feet with their new sound and a change of personnel at this stage shouldn’t prove too costly. The carefully picked chords and drone notes of the second guitar deserve some lavish clean vocals over them, if I’m honest. Maybe that’s the next step. Maybe not. Keep eyes peeled and if you’re in the UK, check them out once they hit up somewhere close to you. Fresh sounds man.

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