There are several great things about premiering a track from Humanity’s Last Breath. The first is that we absolutely love the project (even though we pine for Vildhjarta’s return). The second is that the project needs absolutely no introduction; the third is that neither does the music. However, with “Abyssal Mouth”, you might do to expect a little bit more variety. HLB are known for hitting hard and then hitting harder and that’s definitely true for this track as well. However, the overall structure of the song and the vocal ideas contained therein might cause you some more pause for reflection. Head on down below and start the process, we’ll dig into it after.

Boy, this is good. I especially enjoyed the added variety introduced by the vocal effects and their use throughout the track. Especially pleasing is the outro, right before the last passages of the track, and the way the clean and harsh vocals blend together. These blend with the heavy instrumentation to create a moving whole, delivering the feel of the track home right as it prepares to end. Add in the guitar effects and the by-now-established Humanity’s Last Breath package, namely terrifying drops and deep as the void chugs, and you have yourself a killer track.

Does this release mean a longer one is coming soon? Will we ever get to dive into the mysterious depths of Vildhjarta’s djent again? We don’t know (seriously, we don’t, we wouldn’t lie to you about this) but for now, “Abyssal Mouth” should be enough to keep us going. Make sure to grab the track over here, and to play it loud but not too loud; you wouldn’t want to blow out your windows.


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