A shift of pace from the rancid, foul grind that I regularly bring to the table as today bears witness to the sounds of Scotland’s latest metalcore miscreants. Check in for big bouncy riffs, hooks that kill and some fancy but not wanky tech chops. From the Sumerian school of guitar interplay and fast tracked to a scholarship on the Erra program, Aspire come in hard and heavy with the summer sounds on “Outsiders”. Taps aff, it’s time to swing your fists.


Aspire come in flailing their chops from the West of Scotland – an area alien to most Scots themselves, so don’t be alarmed if you’ve never heard of Dumfries (and don’t try to pronounce it either, you’ll get it wrong). These young guns aren’t fucking around with traditional Scots sounds however. Traditional clean sung choruses might be more of an early 2000’s staple but the cleans on “Outsiders” are free from Auto Tune and really rip alongside the traditional gruff vocals. The groove heavy mid section and and opening passages of “Outsiders” wouldn’t be out of place on a Veil of Maya jam while the guitar interplay through the widdly verse riffs smacks of a certain SikTh.  These bands are fun to listen to and this is what Aspire are aiming for on their upcoming self titled debut. In their own words they “want to play songs that we think are cool”, well guys… You’ve got a cool vote from me, the angriest man in Scotland.

Aspire will be out on all the usual platforms on July 3rd. With Steven Jones (From Sorrow To Serenity, Bleed From Within) behind the knobs and dials, Aspire’s debut sounds slick and just the right side of savage for the kind of metalcore battering it delivers. Find the band on Facebook to follow up and be sure to check out Aspire on July 3rd.


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