“Check, check 1, 2, fuck you” Look at any poster for a good grind show and it usually tells you exactly what you’re getting from the night in question.

7 years ago

“Check, check
1, 2, fuck you”

Look at any poster for a good grind show and it usually tells you exactly what you’re getting from the night in question. Often literally telling you exactly who the band is because you can’t read their logo, where they’re from and which particular flask of filth they sip from. Madrid’s Teething don’t have one of those unreadable logos and they’re marked down as simply “HM-2 grindcore”. Doing exactly that, these Spaniards have entered the world of full length grind releases with a record so typically HM-2 that it goes full circle into being fresh again. Pull up a seat and unfuck your earholes in preparation for some violent Spanish storytelling.

The cut out collage and violent colour scheme of the album art should give you a pretty good impression of what’s gonna happen when your weak fingers press play on this. You’re gonna have a good time but it’s gonna get a bit freaky on the way. Waking up in an alley with a dry mouth and a gaping head wound kinda freaky. If the 2007 b-movie masterpiece Grindhouse was somehow contorted to fit into a twenty minute music album then it’d sound like We Will Regret This Someday. There’s no posturing and machismo here. Instead many of the genres usual lyrical subjects are made fun of. Poked with a stick even. Who has time to be pissed off at the government and the ruling class all the time anyway? Maybe it’s just the Spanish climate that’s to be blamed. It’s hot as fuck and everyone’s shouting about football so I guess it’s the everyday things that are gonna inspire the creation of savage d-beatings like this.

If there was ever a step by step guide on how to write effective grind and powerviolence without ever losing the initiative then this is it. Hyper charged tracks that cram in blasts, two steps, and big, brutish beatdowns are Teething’s specialty. “You And Your Fucking Car” might be the most clear example of how to smash all of those grind elements into one track. Individual tracks feel more hardcore or traditionally powerviolent but the best ones are the all encompassing grind barrages like “White Cross Inversion” and “Just Kids” – the former rips through the airwaves like a sharp fence post meeting your taint with force, the latter is a 90’s Napalm Death banger with added Mediterranean flavour. Teething make good on the promise of violence and room splitting riffage, without a shadow of a doubt and the production definitely helps. It kind of sounds like that HM-2 meme, the one with 12 of the pedals all chained together on the board. If it was possible for them to run the drums through the buzzsaw device then I’m sure they’d have given it a shot. It sounds unapologetic and ignorant as shit and should be celebrated for this.

At this point I’ll let you off for thinking this is just another hard hitting, enjoyable entry to Grind My Gears. Riffs, beats and splatter movie aesthetics are bountiful in this subgenre these days. We Will Regret This Someday earns it’s stripes because of the lyrical content and vocal performance that delivers these twisted tales. Grind lyrics can get tiresome, you don’t need to tell me, so it’s really refreshing when an act has songs that deliver personal messages; it helps that these messages are violent and abrasive in nature of course. The naming and shaming “Setting Fires” reads like a death threat and it doesn’t hold back. Whoever Eduardo is, he better be watching his back! The most endearingly threatening album closer of its time “An Open Letter To My Best Friend” puts the spotlight on Javier. He’s the target of a completely brutal attack, repeatedly told to eat shit and die, along with being offered a few options on how to go about committing the act upon himself. These admissions of hate are incredibly personal and it’s really fucking rough when you imagine that the people in question could very well hear these statements. Teething still hit the regular grind themes (prescription medication, working oneself to death and white pride fascism) but they do it with aplomb, making each declaration count.

Teething deploy nasty grind violence in it’s most entertaining form and they do it with all the heart and effort they can possible give. There’s no convoluted subtext on We Will Regret This Someday. Just driving beats, cutting riffs and crude, brutally honest vocals. Of course they’re going into the Grind Hall of Heavy Blog. Even if they just released “Life Is Peachy” – the check yo’self before yo’ wreck yo’self call out to powerviolence fans who have forgotten their roots – they’d probably deserve inclusion into this illustrious list. Make violence fun again. Teething have.

Matt MacLennan

Published 7 years ago