I sit in front of my computer and the blog’s inbox grows and grows. Every day, dozens of bands, PR agencies, and individuals email us. Some of their emails are terrible, some of them are great. Most are way too long than what they need to be. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: keep it short. Give us genre, recommended songs, and links. We’ll do the rest. We’ve read enough treatises on the power of metal and the blackest of nights; we’re here mostly for the music. So, it was quite refreshing when one of our favorite PR people sent me just that and asked “you in?”

I was in. With little to no information, I got my hands on Fortis Amor‘s latest tracks. Who in god’s name is Fortis Amor? Good question! It’s exactly what I asked myself as I opened the email. Turns out, Fortis Amor is a pretty damn cool solo project dabbling in progressive metal and metalcore. I know! Usually those tags are enough for me to slam my laptop shut and have a strong drink. However, no such measures are needed here; Fortis Amor’s music manages to eschew most, if not all, of the pitfalls of the genre. Everything you’d associate with it is there: clean vocals alongside screaming which draws on Misery Signals and Devin Townsend, intricate leads and guitar trade offs, odd time signatures, the works.

However, what it also has is what a lot of this genre lacks: cohesion and a voice of its own. If any of this is ringing your bells, which it should, head on over here to keep an eye out for the new album, which drops on 5/19, and pre-order it. If you’re looking for your fix of good, fresh music for this week, look no further. Fortis Amor has what you need. Oh, and of course make sure to check out the new track below!


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