In conjunction with The HEMISPHERE Music Movement and The New Fury, we’re super stoked to announce that we’re sponsoring a tour starting next month featuring instrumental metal up-and-comers Myth of I and Chronologist! The two Boston-born bands (although Chronologist has recently migrated cross-country to Austin, Texas) both play progressive-leaning metal that has less of an emphasis on jazzy technicality than the burgeoning nu-prog scene, but clearly stands within metal, unlike a lot of post-metal instrumental outings that blur the lines a little.

If you’re a fan of Scale the Summit or the earliest works of Animals As Leaders, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect here: both bands alternate between plowing through chunky riffs and dancing through tough solos, switching moods on the fly for a series of one-two punches across every track. Even though together the duo only have a handful of releases to their name, both groups have developed consistent identities for themselves within the framework of their genre. 

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The tour’s going to run down the East Coast of the United States before dipping into the Midwest for a string of shows, with more dates TBA. Check out the dates here:

May 18th – Wallingford, CT @ Cherry Street Station
May 20th – Boston, MA @ Sammy’s Patio
May 21st – Brooklyn, NY @ Bushwick Public House
May 24th – Akron, OH @ Annabelles
May 26th – Raleigh, NC @ Slims Downtown
May 27th – Chattanooga, TN @ Ziggy’s
May 29th – Carrolton, GA @ Alley Cat
June 2nd – Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog

This is Chronologist’s first tour to support their December 2016 record Cartographer, and Myth of I is going to soon be re-releasing their STEM EP as a series of singles this summer. Be sure to hit this tour up if it’s coming near you, so down the line you can say you got into both of these bands back before they got super big.


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