There’s a very specific genre of math rock that relies heavily on percussion and percussive instruments for its momentum. Three Trapped Tigers is perhaps the most famous example today, weaving this style together with electronica to create compelling and upbeat music, but one could also name parts of The Samuel Jackson Five‘s discography. But what happens when we take that style and multiply it by four? Well, we get The Kraken Quartet, a band whose every member is a percussionist. The result is an upcoming album called Separate | Migrate, an enchanting ride through drums, xylophones, bells, synths and a host of other sounds. We’re proud to premiere the opening track from that album, “chance the dog (the song)” right below!

Throughout the entire track, as indeed throughout the entire album, there is a certain sweetness created by the interaction of synths and percussion that is immediately recognizable as math rock. But the direction of the track and the position of the rhythm within it is quite unique, created something inherently more penetrative and straightforward than the oft-scattered musings of the style. The fact that every member has their own kit enables the sheer volume of sounds present, a volume which often increases well beyond what’s displayed on this track, with thick synths and harsher electronic sounds present on the rest of the album.

To sum it up, it’s damn good and a lot of fun. You can’t help but smile as the melody takes hold of you, propelled forward by the expertly performed percussive elements. Whether it’s tracks like these, more lighthearted, or the more minimalist moments on the album, The Kraken Quartet represent a fresh and captivating voice on the math rock scene. Keep an eye out for Separate | Migrate as it’s set to drop on April 28th. You can pre-order it right here.


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