The artwork for the new Regurgitate Life record Obliteration of the Self may have drawn me in, but the music is what got me to pre-order. It’s bludgeoning death metal with the added bonus of being performed with the energy and exuberance of a hardcore punk record. Sometimes death metal records can feel so dull despite being technically impressive, but luckily Obliteration of the Self doesn’t fall into that trap. It helps that they incorporate elements of other genres, such as sludge and doom, to keep things from getting stale. Honestly, the record is pretty hard to pin down genre wise. I think it’s best just to check it out for yourself! You can stream the full thing over at Metal Injection. If you want to pre-order after you listen or you just want to save a click or two, you can check out the tracks available through their record label’s Bandcamp page.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1874315714 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=0f91ff tracklist=false artwork=small]


The song that really hooked me was “This Great Divide” because it just blows you away by beating you upside the head and then all of a sudden opens up to this melodic expanse heralded by huge chords that, if you were standing in front of your speaker and had the volume at max, would probably literally blow your pants off your body. I mentioned this earlier, but there is also a strain of hardcore punk running through this thing. Just listen to “Ownlife” and if you can honestly tell me you don’t hear it, I’ll give you a nickel. My ears may be betraying me because hardcore has begun to take on elements of death metal and sludge over the years, but I still think this is a valid point. My favorite track is the closer “Death Worship” because it’s like an instrumental death metal Fall of Troy track at first but then it just moves into these ridiculous solos that would feel at home on some kick ass old school thrash record. Like I said, it’s best to just check it out for yourself and let it blow you away. Plus, for $3.77 USD, it’s one of best values in music at the moment!

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