OK, I’m going to open this post by just saying: HELL YEAH. That was my first reaction when I learned that Dance With the Dead (of whom we’ve already spoken) were working with Scandroid on a remix of one of his tracks for his upcoming release, Dreams of Neo-Tokyo. Apparently, the new release will feature remixes of all tracks with vocals from Scandroid’s amazing self-titled retrowave album. The idea is to breathe new life into these tracks and re-release them as their own unique story suite. Enter Dance With the Dead and their unique mix of rock,metal, retrowave and EDM. Hear the result of this incredible collaboration right below!

OK, can I just say HELL YEAH one more time? The original track, contemplative, lonesome and futuristic, has received a true rebirth with this remix; the huge guitars, the sense of increased tempo, the energy the new track exudes, all these things have elevated it into new heights. Something about the vocals sounds even more energetic and determined on the remix, perhaps making the outrun tag (seriously, go check this tag on Bandcamp. You won’t be disappointed) an even more accurate descriptor here, adding a new ring to the definition.

One of the coolest things about the retrowave scene is how many of the artists seem to just be good friends, working on each other’s music to bring new qualities to life within it. This is just another example of that and of what happens when two great artists come together to bring their vision into one. Bring on Dreams of Neo-Tokyo; the album sees release on the 31st of March and can be pre-ordered via Scandroid’s Bandcamp.


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