You like your metal techy? Particularly of the noodly tech death kind? Well, we’ve got you covered with Virulent Depravity! Featuring Malcolm Pugh of Inferi and Kevin Paradis of Mithridatic, Virulent Depravity are here to shred faces off. If you enjoy, Inferi or the melodic side of Spawn of Possession and the blazing vocal delivery of Archspire combined in a relentless attack of riffs and notes, just check out the first single from their debut album Fruit of the Poisoned Tree out on Artisan Era on the 7th of April.


The album is rounded out by several guest spots including Craig Peters from Deeds Of Flesh, Enfold Darkness members, famed keyboardist Jimmy Pitts  (my band NYN, Pitts Minneman Project, and much more) Mark Hawkins, Equipoise guitarist Nick Padovani, and one from up-and-coming virtuoso Sims Cashion. The album is available for physical and digital pre-order at Bandcamp.


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